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Building a site is a complex process.A number of factors at each stage of development should be provided otherwise the final result will be delayed. I have experience in building sites, as from their home (from the phase "intention" - which implies consultation, design, etc.) and as a performer. Advance planning before the actual performance, could greatly help or hinder the work.

Increasingly will be used ready content management systems (CMS). They offer dynamic content, more functionality with add-on modules and easy interface to work with. My favorite CMS is Drupal. Besides being user-friendly, CMS is a very powerful, flexible and it has great php framework.

In connection with your web needs, I could propose:

  • PHPprogramming
  • Drupal programming
  • Drupal themes
  • design of MySQL databases
  • java script (jQuery)
  • planning, defining the objectives
  • design, structure, functionality
  • graphic web design
  • standardized XHTML & CSS

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