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Drupal 7: Theming the taxonomy term page

By default the taxonomy term page in Drupal is accessible on and every node is closed in div tags. How to change that so it become a list (ul)? The lazy way is to install Views and use it's way to alter taxonomy term page. But there is easest way - using new fauture in Drupal 7 to change generated output before it be shown (renderable arrays).

Desgin to HTML Application Form - order design slicing

Desgin to HTML Application Form is a simple standalone highly customizable application form powered by xHTML, PHP and jQuery, which you can put into your site and receive orders for graphic design slicing from there. The form offers configuration of packages, options, extras, as well as time and price for execution.

Ubercart 2 - links to products in admin order view

For several shops operated by Drupal I have used modules Ubercart 2 and clients are satisfied with the outcome. But all they had a requirement for review of order to be able to click on product name and to go to his page. This functionality is missing in Ubercart. Partial solutions are possible with the module Views. I've looking google around a bit and eventually it turned out that thanks to the hooks with very little intervention I can add this link and without forking the code.

Shared hosting with StableHost in Europe, Germany

In connection with the client project I have bought a shared hosting with StableHost. I have read pretty good reviews for them and not left cheated in my expectations. StableHost offers LiteSpeed servers, cPanel, Softaculous, RVSiteBuilder and very good connectivity. Within three months I have no comments on the uptime of the server or its performance. © 2007 - 2017All rights reserved

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